With the support of UFM the Centre for Textile Research at UCPH is building a new hub for integrated research in cloth cultures. The hub rests upon the expertise of our multi-disciplinary network of experts, spanning archaeology, textile and animal skin research, history, art history, terminology, museums, conservation, digital and natural sciences. Together, we will work at the TexLab in CTR and organise research activities, training and teaching events.

IPERION HS Catalogue of Services

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ARCHLAB: Access to physical and digital (offline) data collections in European museums or conservation institutes, such as objects, technical images, samples and reference materials, analytical data and conservation documentation.

FIXLAB: Access to key fixed facilities for heritage science research, e.g. particle accelerators, neutron and laser sources and other non-transportable research facilities.

MOLAB: Access to a comprehensive selection of mobile analytical instrumentation for in-situ measurements (close-range and remote sensing) on objects, collections, buildings, and sites, allowing non-invasive investigations for complex multi-technique diagnostic projects.